Get The Smile Your Deserve


We have several ways to help you obtain the whitest brightest smile you deserve.
Results may vary from person to person due to a personal variation of enamel hardness.  We call this PERMEABILITY. Think of it this way. A piece of paper towel and typing paper will both pick up the same amount of water, only one does it faster. That is permeability. The process of making the enamel more permeable to remove staining is called conditioning. The systems all work, they vary in the time required to obtain the results you are looking for.

 Option 1

You may choose the home whitening program which starts with a video tour of your mouth, Canadian Cancer Society Soft Tissue Screening Exam and impressions of your mouth. On the next visit you will receive the custom trays and guidance in how to use the gels to whiten your smile.

 Option 2

In house laser bleaching. We perform the first stage of enamel conditioning in office with 2 applications of a concentrated whitener. We follow with the same protocol and care as the previous option 1.

 Option 3

DEEP BLEACHING This is a proprietary system created and specially formulated by our friend Dr Rod Kurthy who has designed a system that virtually eliminates the sensitivity that has accompanied tooth bleaching in the past. We link you to his website. For someone who wants the ultimate in whitening we have had great success. Wherever you wish to start in the whitening process call us to see which program is best suited for you.

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