Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure – LANAP


Laser Gum Therapy… was developed in 1990 by a handful of pioneering dentists who theorized that by disinfecting the gum tissue around the tooth root, removing the dying tissues and toxins… the body could heal itself .

The bottom line to this procedure, it cleans up the toxins in the infected areas of the gums which encourages the bodies immune system to heal itself. 

With regular and professional care you can have the peace of mind of stable bone and clean breathe and the ability to chew what you wish.

Periodontists in Ontario have just begun to embrace this treatment choice and are offering it to their patients as an alternative to:

    • Scalpel flaying of the gums
    • Peeling back the tissues
    • Grinding on the bone


All of which may leave the roots extremely sensitive to cold and warm drinks

Dr Pekar is a pioneer in this procedure (since 1990). He and his team can provide this non-surgical LANAP procedure without freezing in most cases.

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