Lasers in Dentistry

On the cutting edge of technology since 1989, Dr. Pekar has pioneered the use of lasers in dentistry in Niagara and the Province of Ontario. A founding member of both the North American and International Laser Societies, he both lectures and mentors his fellow dentists in the advancement of laser treatment.

Minimally Invasive Care

Laser treatment of your teeth means we can find and remove decay with greater precision. Drilling to remove decay also takes a large portion of otherwise healthy tooth, reducing the inherent strength of the tooth and giving you a larger filling. Laser treatment does not usually require freezing (no needles). The laser beam is delivered under a cooling air and water spray. The tooth surface is sterilized, leaving no bacteria under the filling to cause further decay to occur.

When laser treatment is used on soft tissue, like gums, again it is seldom accompanied by freezing. There is little or no bleeding, recovery time is minimal and the gum or other tissue will heal far more quickly that surgical procedures undertaken with scalpel. Laser treatments removes less tissue than conventional surgery which results in a treatment that is less painful to the patient.

Since the implementation of LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure) in 1990 many patient have successfully maintained their teeth to chew and smile with. Historically, these patients would now be sporting dentures had it not been for the advancement in LANAP. This technique has been recognized by the FDA to cleanse the socket around the tooth of destructive bacteria, be kind to the ligaments and bone. This promotes faster healing and regeneration as a clean wound. We have seen bone growth regeneration, contrary to conventional periodontal surgery. See the LANAP link.


Exposed root surfaces sensitive to cold, air and water can be sealed shut with laser treatment, saving the patient from further pain and suffering.

Teeth Whitening

Laser light penetrates deep into the tooth enhancing the bleaching effect and shortening the time of treatment. Laser maximized the effectiveness of whitening for completion of your best smile.

Cold Sores

These lesions are quickly turned around in the early stage and need not progress. The virus is deactivated by the laser light beam, thereby increasing the patient’s comfort level and lessening the duration of the sore.

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